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Tips for Using the Utiket Service

Tips for Using the Utiket Service

27 Sep 2011 11:00:00

Blogger Hairun Fahrudin shares his experiences using Utiket. Here are some tips from him which makes all the information provided by Utiket more useful.

Frankly, I have not known about the Utiket website for a very long time. But after I visited this website once, I had to say, "Wow, this is really cool ..." ;. Utiket is the answer to my need for a flight ticket price comparison service which did before not exist in Indonesia. As you know, similar sites from abroad rarely or never display information for domestic and regional flight ticket as it is provided by Utiket. To make the information provided by Utiket become more useful, there are several things to consider since you should not only select a flight on the ticket price alone. To better use the Utiket service, consider some practical instructions.

The cheapest ticket is not always the best.

The Utiket search engine will put automatically the price of the cheapest ticket at the top. Even so, pay close attention to the other options below it because the cheapest ticket price is not always the best for you. The first thing to consider is the time of departure and arrival. A very early departure time will for sure not be very convenient for you. Similarly with the arrival time; landing late at night is also not the ideal choice. Best is to choose a flight that arrives in the morning until late afternoon. If the purpose of your trip is for traveling only, landing in the morning can save you money on accommodation. It will also allow you time to use public transportation from the airport to the city instead of expensive taxis. So if the price difference is not too large, I recommend selecting flights which have more ideal departure and arrival time.

Utiket also provides alternative route info!

This feature of Utiket is the coolest in my opinion. Utiket does not only show flights on the route we're looking for, Utiket also provides alternative routes that may cost less. For example, when we look for tickets Batam to Jakarta Utiket will automatically display alternative routes that depart from cities around Batam and arrive in cities around Jakarta. These recommended alternative route information of Utiket can be of major help in getting the best price. It is an easy way to save lots of money without having to bother to wait for a promo flight from the airlines.

Consider the baggage allowance

In addition to ticket prices, the Utiket flights search engine also displays a suitcase-shaped logo that indicates the weight of baggage included in the ticket price. If in the suitcase is shown the number zero it means there will be extra charges for luggage. In other words, prices listed do not include baggage fees. To add additional charges for luggage is a common practice for low-cost airlines. So you also have to take this cost into account. Provisions for checked baggage can be found at the websites of the airlines concerned. If you are booking through an agent, ask also about this provision. Often the travel agent forgets to explain this to his customers. Never violate the baggage provisions to prevent you have to pay the extra cost, which can be quite excessive. Low-cost airlines are very strict in their provisions for baggage. Goods brought into the cabin (hand carry luggage) will also be examined by airport and airline officials. Hand carry should usually not be more than 5-7 kilos and can not be too big. Exceeding these rules can result in paying substantial fines.

Save money by pre-booking meals

Some low-cost airlines do not provide free food for passengers. Instead, the crew cabin sells meals, snacks and drinks. The prices of these are more expensive to buy in the plane than in regular stores of course. However, passengers can get a discount on ordering food when purchasing their tickets (pre-booking meals). The given discounts are large enough. The exact price can only be seen though while you book the ticket at the concerned airline. If you buy a ticket through a travel agent, ask them for ordering meals.

Preferably get a direct flight route

If you choose a flight route which requires a stopover in a particular airport, Utiket will also inform you about it. However, if there are other options and the price difference is small, you should prefer a direct flight. Transit at an airport will be quite tiring, especially if you use a carrier that operates on a point to point policy. Point to point policy means you have to check in again for the connecting flight. For example, if you fly to Chiang Mai from Jakarta using Air Asia you need a transit in Kuala Lumpur. When you arrive in Kuala Lumpur, you must pass through immigration and get your checked baggage as all the other passengers. After that you must check in again to continue the trip to Chiang Mai. That�s quite a hassle, right? Therefore, prefer using a direct flight. I think most people do not mind paying a little more money to avoid transit hassles. Make sure to visit Hairun Fahrudin blog at easybackpacking.blogspot.com

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