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Yogyakarta ready to welcome tourists from outside province in August

19 Jul 2020 02:29:20


Amid the still alarming pandemic, some tourist attractions in Yogyakarta have opened, but not yet to visitors from outside the region.

As reported by kompas.com, the Yogyakarta city administration has opened some of its tourist sites, such as Yogyakarta Palace, Malioboro, Taman Pintar (Smart Park), Taman Sari and Sonobudoyo Museum, but only to local residents.

Selected groups of family members, communities or agencies are also welcome, but tourists from outside the region are encouraged to plan their visit for August instead, according to Yogyakarta Deputy Mayor Heroe Poerwadi on Wednesday.

"Please be patient, as we're currently still implementing a limited trial phase [at several tourist sites] to avoid coronavirus contagion," said Heroe. "There'll be a time when Yogyakarta will open to all [visitors]."

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