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Safe Travel : Obligatory App When Abroad

Safe Travel : Obligatory App When Abroad

20 Apr 2018 15:05:00

Safe Travel in an app developed by Foreign Ministry. This app aims to protect Indonesian Citizens and also Indonesia Migran Workers abroad.

Safe Travel launched on April 14, 2018, and it can be downloaded for free at Apple Store or Google Store.

This app provides information about 180 countries regarding the level of security of the country's status, indicated by the color indicator. This app also provides address information, phone number, and email from Indonesia Embassy (KBRI) or Indonesia Consulate General (KJRI). So, if you have problems, the goverment can provide assistance. You can send your location, record your video and contact the nearest Indonesia Embassy (KBRI) or Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI).

Infographic and the electrical plugs info that can be used in the destination country are available on this app.

In developing this app, the Foreign Ministry collaborated with PT Gamatechno Indonesia, Yogyakarta based IT company.

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