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Just after four months almost 8000 visitors a day.

Just after four months almost 8000 visitors a day.

2 Jul 2011 00:00:00

Last year we thought about making a flight search engine because we noticed that finding a cheap ticket was still so difficult, especially when flying in Indonesia or when you want to use low-cost airlines only. So we started working and in the beginning of last February a very first version of this website came online. Since then, as users of the first hour know, a lot has changed and the website has become much better.

When we started we had high hopes, knowing the lack of a website like this. We worked so hard for such a long time making this website, so looking at the visitors stats makes us really happy: only four months online and we have already over 7500 visitors a day and it is rising fast. Thank you all for this!

Also, almost half the visitors today have visited utiket before and come back to search for a cheap plane ticket and on average our users have a look at ten pages, which is really high. This is very encouraging because this means our users feel this website is helpful and they trust the results we provide. Thank you for this trust!

This website is free to use, we do not get any commission and has limited ads too, it has only one purpose: helping you find a cheap flight. So although we don't earn any money yet, we know we will someday but for now we are very happy so far: looking at this figure, already helping so many people makes us really happy.

So how could you help us? Simple, just tell your friends about us, write about utiket.com and link to our website. Also if you have a travel stories or travel tips send them to use and we will place them on our weblog. Because 7500 a day is already very good but we want to become one of the 50 most popular websites in Indonesia. For this we are currently working on some new exciting ideas which will go online in the next weeks, but we need your help too: tell your friends and help us grow even faster.

Thank you all for using utiket.com for finding that cheap plane ticket!

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