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Impact of Global Warming For Flight

Impact of Global Warming For Flight

12 Jun 2013 06:21:00

Global warming, it is something we usually hear lately. Global warming itself is an increase in the average temperature of the air at the earth's surface. Global warming is taking place in the middle of the 21st century. Global warming is getting worse from year to year. This is due to our dependence of fossil fuels both for electrical energy and as a transportation fuel that causes the air getting polluted by carbon dioxide pollution. Not to mention the deforestation activity happening everywhere. Most of the activity is illegal, but unfortunately the government has not been able to improve the security system supposed to protect the forest from illegal logging. As we know, how forests are essential to our lives and our children and grandchildren someday. Forests as the lungs of the world that serves to recycle the carbon dioxide released from the Earth's atmosphere.

Global warming is very bad for human life and the earth. Almost all aspects of life are affected by the global warming. So is the world of aviation. Maybe some of you wonder what to do does global warming really affect the world of aviation? Global warming certainly has something to do with the world of aviation. The impact of global warming is the climate change  because the ozone layer that surrounds the earth is depleting as well as the troposphere various of weather phenomena occur. We can even now begin to feel the season change. It is now difficult to predict the weather, heat and rain comes in no time and unpredictable. Flight is closely associated with the weather. Right weather prediction is necessary for aviation safety. Indonesia is a developing country, but that in general the ability of technology in developing countries are not yet ready to deal with the changes caused by global warming.

Extreme weather or bad weather has become more frequent and difficult to predict. Bad weather was very influential on airlines, among others, can cause air turbulence, a kind of air shock, which generally can not be seen and icing which is a condition where the ice formed on the fuselage which could even freeze the aircraft engines. If this is the case it will be fatal. In addition, global warming causes rising sea levels from year to year can also affect airports in Indonesia. As we know that the majority of Indonesian airports located near the coast, such as the Soekarno Hatta Airport or Minangkabau International Airport in Padang. Rising sea levels will threaten the existence of most of the airports in Indonesia. As ever happened, the case which Soekarno Hatta Airport flooded.

With the rising sea levels, the airports located near the beach can become flooded and even closed. Closing the airport would be very influential on aircraft aviation industry. Many parties, especially the airline would get a loss. For that we ought to begin to improve itself, help to reduce the things that could spur global warming getting worse. All that can be started from ourselves and the environment around us. Many simple things we can do. Do not let our children and grandchildren can not feel the beauty of our beloved Earth.

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