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Countries for Backpacking

Countries for Backpacking

27 Sep 2013 08:12:00

Countries for Backpacking

Almost everyone wants to travel around the world despite the fact that it is not cheap. Of course it needs a bit lots of budget. However, backpacking has a different principle. Going around the world can also be done with with minimal budget. This backpacking way has become popular and an option for tourists. There are several countries in the world known as friendly countries for backpackers' pocket, for accommodation, living cost also a friendly society. The following countries are favored by backpackers around the world :


India is not only famous for its interesting culture, but also the tasty and rich of spices food. But that's not all that makes this country favored by backpackers. Hospitality of its citizens and many cheap accommodatios available across the country make backpackers feel at home here. India is also not classified as a country with high living costs, making it so friendly to backpackers' budget. About accommodation, there are buses and three-wheelers widely available. One more thing, cultures and festivals are the main attraction of this country.


Actually, Australia is not included in low living cost countries, but the country is favored by backpackers around the world, including from Indonesia. The reason is the unique natural views of this country, Ayers Rock in Uluru for example. There are many places suitable for camping or you can also rent a caravan so it is cheaper for lodging. For transportation, do not worry because Australia's major cities are connected by railway network. Well, for you who are interested to go to Australia, you could use low budget airlines such as Jetstar and Virgin Blue. Do not forget to look for promo tickets to be thriftier.


There are millions of tourist attractions available in our beloved country, Indonesia. It's no need to go far away to foreign countries since our country is also a favored by world-wide backpackers. Beautiful sceneries, diverse cultures and shaking-tongue cuisines are enough to attract backpackers to explore this country. But not only that, Indonesia is also one of low living cost country with warm-hearted people. So it's great to start exploring our own country.


Do you want to go to Europe Continent? Although countries in Europe are very famous for expensive living cost, but there is one recommended country for backpackers, namely Poland. The interesting part of this country are of course the history, also the beautiful and unique buildings. In addition to buildings, natural attractions are equally beautiful. Living cost in Poland is relatively cheaper than other European countries. You can choose train for transportation, even the backpackers themselves often choose to sleep on train.


For a country in America, precisely in South America, the country becoming a favorite among backpackers is Argentina. The attractions of this country are Andes mountains, tropical rain forests and glaciers. The most enjoyable part of this country is that even located in America Continent but the living cost is low. About transportation, you can do hitchhiking which means joining on a ride on a passing car or truck.


In parts of Africa, there is Morocco. The magnet of Morocco are sand deserts and mountain summits. The cuisines here are also tasty and quite well-known like kebab, lamb with spices and other things that make you feel at home. There are many backpackers who come to this country and they often gather at Marrakech Night Market at night.

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