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Countries Known Difficult In Issuing Visa

Countries Known Difficult In Issuing Visa

28 May 2013 09:22:00

When we want to travel to foreign countries, it is compulsory for us to have a visa. However,  as you know that there are not all countries can gladly issue a visa. This is due to several reasons, a country could be so closed and selective to get visits from foreigners that the country deliberately complicate visas for foreigners to visit the country. The following are some of the most famous difficult countries for issuing visas:


For tourists who want to visit Russia, be prepared for a short vacation because of the visa issued by the country is valid for 30 days only. This is due to the complicated military system in this country that makes Russia hard to give visa the tourists to enjoy the freedom of this country. If you want to get a visa more than 30 days then you have to wait for an official invitation from the Russian to come there.

North Korea

If South Korea is developing tourism in the country that gets a lot of tourists visit each year, not so with the neighbor North Korea. As already known, the two countries are indeed involved in the war. Motivated by it all, North Korea is very selective to choose who is entitled to enter the territory of the country. You can easily get a visa from North Korea if you are accompanied by an original North Korea during the holidays.


The biggest problem to get a visa from the country is the process that takes a very long time because it must be approved by Iran's Foreign Minister first. The process makes the duration of visas to foreign tourists spend a very long time.


Not much different from Iran, you need to be very patient when traveling to this country because the visa process takes a long time. In addition, to obtain visas to visit this country the tourists also have to pay a fee to the consulate, the full terms of the invitation to the country and the money of USD 100 or about IDR 950,000 per day for enjoying a holiday in this country.

Congo Republic

This country does have a lot of formerly domestic issues making it as one of the world's most dangerous place to visit. Although now Congo has become a safe country, but it still has not been friendly to the Congolese foreign tourists, especially in terms of issuing visas. Bureaucracy in this country is known very complex, coupled by the corrupted people who are willingly take the money if you want to get visa quickly.


If there is a stamp in your passport from Israel then you have no chance to visit this country because you certainly will not get a visa from Sudan. In addition, your passport must also be active for a minimum of six months prior to departure. You are also required to make an introduction letter in order to get a visa.


For tourists from western countries might not be too difficult to visit Uncle Sam's country but it doesn’t go for us the people of Indonesia. Be prepared to struggle if you want to have a vacation in the land of Uncle Sam. There are many requirements you must get including invitations and deposit money. Well, for those of you who have a criminal record, it's unlikely the state would issue a visa for you.

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