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Fun Application For Traveling

Fun Application For Traveling

11 Sep 2013 19:25:00

In the modern era like now, technology is increasingly pampering you. Many things can be helped by technology. All are becoming practical and fast. So also with the traveler, the technology makes the trip more exciting and fun. Especially now that a lot of apps on smartphone designed for the traveler. What are the applications which should be available before traveling? Check this out:

Flyer Rights

This app is perfect for you to be traveling by plane. This application provides various information about your rights as users of aviation services that you should need to know. With the major features that will give you quick and easy access to find information when you encounter flight obstacles. This application is also always updating policies and new rules regarding flight.

Google Maps

This app is a must if you want to travel to a new place you've never visited before. Google Maps has a navigation system that is ready to assist you to locate the address and location you would want to go. This app will certainly minimize your risk of getting lost in a new place.

Trip It

This application is really very important for traveling. Why ? Because Trip It provides features that can complete your trip plan. Trip It can also provide information about the hotel that you ordered, has a walking map even important documents such as ticket reservations can be stored here. It’s very handy for those who are lazy to bring a guide book and careless in storing various important documents while traveling.


Path app is very exciting for you who like to take pictures. With this application you can upload your traveling photos to share with people closest to you. Excess Path that is more personal because this is just limiting the application for only 150 friends only. In addition, the Path displays high-resolution photographs and it can even take video with resolution up to full HD.


Instagram application is also related to photograph. The difference with Path, in Instagram your travelling pictures can be edited and polished more beautiful with a variety of features provided. Instagram is also very suitable for you who like to share photos on social media because there are a lot of users. With Instragram you can also search for your favorite locations in a city through the photos uploaded by other users of this application.

Chatting Application

Where ever you are, it’s sure for you to contact your beloved family or friends. Various chatting applications on smartphones such as Whatsapp or Line would be very easy for you to communicate. The fun of this application does not use phone balance, so you can access it as much as you want especially if you are using wifi facilities that may be available in your vicinity. Various features of funny emoticons can also make your conversations fun.

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