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Avoiding Travel Sickness while Travelling

Avoiding Travel Sickness while Travelling

28 May 2013 16:00:00

Travel sickness is one uncomfortable experience when doing traveling especially when the distance is quite long whether using vehicles by land, sea or air. Journey will be interrupted when you feel dizzy, nausea and vomiting causing your body to become limp. Many factors could cause travel sickness as the body is less fit, pungent odors, poor air circulation in the vehicle or the vehicle suspension. Nevertheless, there are some ways to avoid travel sickness, such as:

Enough Eat and Drink

An empty stomach can be one of the triggers of travel sickness. To avoid that, try to eat and drink enough before traveling. But do not get too full because it will only make you feel uncomfortable when in a vehicle. Choose foods and beverages that do not contain a lot of oils, acids and high in fat.

Pick a comfortable seat

Seat selection also affects to travel sickness. This is related to the number of people who use the services of the vehicle you are in. If you are using ground vehicles, try to choose a seat near the driver or choose another front seat. If using sea vehicles, try to find places where you can look toward to the open sea. And if using an aircraft, choose a seat near the wing or window.

Drink a hangover-counter drug

Hangover-counter drugs are now widely available in drug stores. If you are a person who often experience travel sickness, you can drink it before the vehicle goes. Applying eucalyptus oil in your belly is also effective to help in avoiding travel sickness. For those of you who rarely experience travel sickness, it's good to keep bringing hangover-counter drugs just in case.

Consider the air circulation

During the trip, consider the air circulation in the vehicle you are in. If you are going using a plane, it can be sure no one is smoking. But if you ride road or sea vehicle then stay away from people who smoke so it won’t trigger travel sickness on you.

Don’t read any book

Reading a book while traveling in a vehicle will make your brain work harder to respond to the various movements that occur like eye movements while reading a book and body movement caused by vehicle shocks. Divert your views far out so you do not feel dizzy for reading will make you focus only on single object that are too close and can make you dizzy.

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