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Keeping Camera Safe When Traveling

Keeping Camera Safe When Traveling

25 Jun 2013 14:21:00

Traveling without a camera like eating vegetables without salt, it feels incomplete. It’s a pity not to capture interesting moments when traveling using camera. But as you know, the camera is one thing that is often fussy. If it is not smart to take care of it, your favorite camera could be damaged. Especially when taken to travel far away in all sorts of conditions. Cameras need special handling in order to stay awake during traveling. Here are the tips:

Prepare camera bag

The camera cannot be just stored in your bag. Camera bag or special compartment is needed to protect it from various situations. Bag will also protect your camera from scratches and dust on the road. Prepare specific camera bag when you use a DSLR camera, but still, a digital camera also needs to be kept a special place. Choose a camera bag that fits the size of your camera. Do not be too small or too big. Select waterproof one so your camera will be safer.

Always pay attention to the conditions around

You should always pay attention to your camera position, for example when you are trekking you have to make sure your camera is in the correct position so as not to be scratched by twigs or rocks. When you are at sea you also do not put your camera on the sand because the sand could get into the cracks and damage your camera. Make sure your hands are dry and clean before handling the camera.

Use Efficiently

Capturing every moment of your trip will definitely be fun. Even so you still have to consider the condition of your camera. When the camera is not in use, make sure the camera is in the off state. This is to maintain the battery life of your camera. Let's not often see your shots on the camera screen because it can also cause the camera battery run out quickly.

Lens cap

Lens cap is a valuable item for those who carry a SLR camera. For that always keep your lens cap, if necessary, hang it on camera by giving a small rope. Lens cap protects your camera lens from scratches so that the result images will be perfect.

Always clean the camera

You should have special equipment to clean your camera. The equipment you can buy at a camera store. When you are traveling, always remember to bring it along your camera because it is so important to take care of your camera even while you are traveling. You can clean the camera regularly when you  arrive at lodge after going around.

Keep your camera in a safe place

When traveling, store your camera in a safe place and remain within your control. Also do the same when you are at the lodge. Do not put your camera in any place that allows someone else to pick it up. Store it in the closet or suitcase when not in use.

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