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Avoiding Naughty Taxi while Traveling

Avoiding Naughty Taxi while Traveling

15 Jul 2013 02:11:00

Taxi is one kind of transportation we can easily find in big cities. Transportation is also very convenient compared to other means of transportation such as city buses which you have to jostle in it. In addition, taxis are also more practical because we just need to sit on the back then the taxi driver would take us right at the destination. But we often feel doubtful to use the taxi-driver considering the number of rogue taxi drivers who simply want to make a profit from the passengers, especially if they know that you are a tourist. Many crimes also occurred in a taxi, but there are several ways you can do to avoid the unscrupulous rogue taxi:

Choose Argo

Usually when you are going up the taxi, the taxi drivers will offer some price to reach the destination. But you must be smart, do not easily believe. Ask the taxi driver to keep turning on the argometer running so that you know exactly the price. Who knew it would be much cheaper. If the taxi driver does not want to do so, it’s better to find another taxi.

Make Sure the Direction

Rogue taxi driver will make your trip a lot longer than it should. For that you should first make sure the direction of the course. You can ask it to people or use existing technology. With a smartphone you can use the GPS application to be more definite.

Find Information

You should also look for information in advance about the taxi fare for your route. You can search for information via the internet so that later you can estimate the range of the rates. It is important to avoid swelling rates that may be happened on you.

Check the Completeness of the Taxi

You can ask the clerk to the airport or hotel to call a cab when you are still at the airport or hotel. You can also use the official taxis because of their safety would be guaranteed. But if you've been on the streets in the city, before choosing a taxi you should check all the completeness ranging from vehicle number, name of the cab company to taxi driver name is important for you to see.

Prepare changes

Change your money into small coins or changes making you not be bother when you have to pay, like paying a taxi fare. There are cases where the taxi driver said he does not have change so you have to give away your change. Pay with accurate cash so the taxi driver not making a profit over you.

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