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Things to Do When Lost in Abroad

Things to Do When Lost in Abroad

2 Aug 2013 00:56:00

You may have often experienced of getting lost while on holiday. But if you get lost while on vacation in foreign country, which even you do not master the language, it can be a problem for you. So what to do if you get lost while on holiday abroad? Some of the tips below may help you.

Do not get panic

Although you are afraid and confused, but do not show your panic. Try asking the local residents. If you do not know master language, you can use sign language or English which is commonly used in many places. Ask politely. If you explain politely, local residents usually will be happy to assist you.

Stay alert

Secure your belongings because crime can happen anywhere. Keep your attitude so that it does not make you look flashy which will allow you to be exploited by people who intend crime. Do not take out the gadget or your wallet at any place. Look around you before releasing them.

Take advantage of your gadgets

What does it mean if your smartphone can not help you when you get lost in foreign country. There are many advanced applications that you can use in your smart phone. In addition to contacting the nearest person who might be able to help you, you can also use applications such as GPS or by accessing the official website of the country's tourism. Usually the official tourism website of a country is equipped with a complete map that is easily understood by the foreign tourists like you.

Find the nearest police station

This might be difficult for tourists like you who are not proficient in the language of the area you're on vacation in. There are ways that you can do if it is urgent, going to the nearest hotel. Usually the hotel staff can use English and you can ask where the nearest police office or public services you can go.

Important note

for you who have vacation abroad, try to always carry a copy of your important documents such as passports or other identification card so that when bad things happen, the document will help you.

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